Redefining Urban Forestry

Let’s plant it, grow it and use it!

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Certifying a collaborative network of architects, designers, developers, municipalities, arborists, sawmills, woodworkers, and makers embracing the common goal of using urban trees to their fullest potential.

Our Vision

The thought of planting, caring for and maintaining and 50-100 years later the  throwing away of trees when they come down or die, makes us sick to our stomachs. To shift the paradigm of how we choose what we plant,  treat it when it grows, and NOT categorize it as trash when it is dead must all happen now.  Planting with intention to one day use as a commodity locally is the way of the future but must be part of today’s plan.

Full Circle Example:
Providence Day School

We have 100’s of examples from DIY to major commercial upcycling. Weather you have one tree or 100 acres, it can be upcycled if otherwise would be wasted. 

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