Certified Urban Forestry & Local Wood Marketplace

A collaborative network of certified architects, designers, developers, municipalities, arborists, sawmills, woodworkers, and makers embracing the common goal of using urban trees to their fullest potential.

Our Urban Forest is one of our most abundant and precious natural resources we have. But it is disappearing at an alarming rate.

In the past 30 years, 50% of Charlotte's tree canopy has been cut down.

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We’re Treecycle America, and we’re changing the way you think about trees.

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We throw away 50 million lbs of tree debris in Charlotte NC alone each year. This is very underutilized and Treecycle America plans to change that. Our goal is to educate and change where a commodity comes from and how far it comes. We have the potential to have value in our trees, after their living usefulness is done.

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Whether from disease, extreme weather or development, most urban trees will eventually be felled.
But with our network of certified arborists, sawmills, artisans and other affiliates, urban trees that once crowded landfills are now reborn into the local economy as premium wood products. Logs that were once bulky municipal waste become a rich material resource.

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With our exclusive TreeID certification process, the journey of each log is carefully documented from the time the tree is removed until it reaches the consumer as a new wood product.

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Imagine when a grove of poplar trees that’s been felled to make way for a new light rail line becomes benches for waiting passengers. When, instead of being hauled away to a landfill, a massive oak tree lost to an ice storm gives an encore performance as tables and chairs at Thanksgiving dinner next year.

This is the future of urban forestry and it’s happening now.

Welcome to the urban tree revolution.

Welcome to Treecycle America.

It takes a dedicated network of complementary businesses to bring it all together.
Treecycle America touches on so many aspects of the environment, the economy, and society. It won’t happen overnight, but we are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We’ve been busy building our network of Certified tree services, architects, and mills, working with Charlotte and Mecklenburg county officials, and generating a buzz in the community.

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