Upcycing = Carbon Sequestration

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What is Upcycle? Well, it is basically taking a product that is disposed of and making a better product from it. Unlike recycling, where the product quality goes down each time, or close, except in the case of aluminum.

How do we tie Upcycing to Carbon? Well, we take trees that were disposed of and get them to use. If these trees were not intercepted they would go to biodegrade and therefore release their carbon, as well as produce methane because of the process involving decay with other organisms.

So, Upcycing a local tree that was going to release its carbon and getting it into products that will be heirloom quality we feel is the best possible way to both Sequester Carbon and Upcycle a natural resource. The true key to this is to educate along the way. Creating an awareness that the opposite is status quo is also important. All through this process keeping the end products within an area where the tree originally grew is the best case.

This is what goes on every day of the week with our network in Charlotte NC. From the City, County, Parks and Rec, Major National and Local Tree Services ( Davey, Bartlett, Heartwood, and many more large and small ), Carolina Urban Lumber ( locally , and others in other cities ) we are now documenting how much carbon is in each piece of lumber sold and piece of furniture made.

Doing what makes sense,

Damon Barron

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