Treecycle America Certification:
Saw Mill / Wood Processor

Apply to Become a Treecycle America Certified Vendor

When a Saw Mill or Wood Processor becomes a Treecycle America Certified Vendor, they are making a statement that they care about where their raw materials come from. Using local raw materials is good for everyone and a Mill can be a crucial link in the chain by getting their logs from a Treecycle America Certified Tree Service. Tree Services are doing their part by documenting important details about the trees they remove and strategically cutting them in a way to maximize the most useful parts.

In addition to doing the right thing, a Mill can see significant business benefits.

Transportation Cost Savings
When a Tree Service cuts a tree down, there is often little thought given as to what will happen to those logs. Much of this “waste wood” is chipped into mulch or worse, disposed of in a landfill. When a log is kept in tact, it is usually the responsibility of the Mill to pick up and transport logs back to their facility for processing. This time consuming process is cost-prohibitive and results in waste of this precious natural resource. In the Treecycle America Network of Certified Vendors, it is the responsibility of the Certified Tree Service to drop documented logs at Certified Mills which saves them time and money and provides an easy way for Certified Mills to receive a steady stream of raw materials. A Treecycle America Certified Mill receives these TreeID Certified logs at no cost.

Unique Selling Proposition
Your customers (woodworkers, furniture makers, consumers, etc.) have a choice of where they buy their lumber. When supply and price factors are competitive, having a unique way to differentiate your product can be the primary deciding factor. If you can offer a product that is produced from a local source and can be traced back to the original tree from which it was cut, consumers will appreciate the commitment to quality and support of a local resource.

Positive Marketing
The Treecycle America brand has become a symbol of environmental responsibility in the business community as well as with the public. As a Certified Vendor, you can proudly display your commitment with stickers on your trucks, shirts for your team, and professionally designed advertising materials. A Saw Mill is a crucial step in the TreeID chain of custody and with that responsibility comes the added benefit of selling lumber simply because you are part of a network of businesses that embraces the common goal of using trees to their fullest potential. Homeowners care what happens to their trees and want a Saw Mill that cares as well. You will receive a customized listing on the Treecycle America website as well as support from our marketing team to help your business stand out from the competition.

Treecycle America Online Marketplace is the home of the first ever multi-vendor marketplace on the internet that only sells Treecycle America Certified wood products. As a Certified Mill, you are given your own storefront where you can easily manage your inventory, sell product, and manage your revenue on a secure, mobile-friendly website. Your products are categorized accordingly and displayed on the Treecycle America Market where customers can find everything from lumber to furniture to hand-crafted artisan products and everything inbetween. We do all the heavy lifting of managing your e-commerce including:

  • Customer Service
  • Financial management, reporting, and accounting including weekly payouts
  • Technical Support
  • Secure Modern Website

Certification Guidelines

Saw Mill companies and their employees have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to protecting our Urban tree canopy by following a few simple guidelines of Treecycle America Certification:

  1. Maintain proper business standards including liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and any other applicable financial guarantees. This ensures protection to the company, as well as the homeowner or business owner they work for.
  2. Actively participate in the Treecycle America TreeID program. For a Saw Mill, this includes:
    • Receiving documented logs from Certified Tree Services
    • Maintaining accurate TreeID Chain of Custody by marking all lumber and slabs with the TreeID of the original tree
    • Taking photos of the lumber and slabs as it is cut
    • Adding products in the Treecycle America Market and managing your inventory
    • Providing a pickup location for customer to receive their purchases