Local Wood Marketplace

The Treecycle America Market connects our community to the trees that grow among us.

Our network of Certified Tree Services, Saw Mills, and Makers are working together to create a steady supply of locally sourced and locally produced wood products.

Shop for Local Wood

On the Treecycle America Market, you’ll find kiln-dried lumber, live edge slabs, furniture, fireplace mantels, DIY kits, handmade artisan crafts and everything in between all documented with our exclusive TreeID chain of custody system.

View the map and history of the trees that were used to create these local products.

This is the next level of supporting local business and local natural resources.

It takes a dedicated network of complementary businesses to bring it all together.
Treecycle America touches on so many aspects of the environment, the economy, and society. It won't happen overnight, but we are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We've been busy building our network of Certified tree services, architects, and mills, working with Charlotte and Mecklenburg county officials, and generating a buzz in the community.

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