Every urban tree has a story to tell, but not all of them have a TreeID.

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Only Treecycle America uses the TreeID™ system of documentation. It's a small series of numbers with huge significance, and when you see the Treecycle America TreeID™ on a wood product, it means you'll share in the story of that tree.

The TreeID™ is assigned before an urban log is even felled, beginning a chain of documentation that includes photos, and essential information like the species, location and reason for removal.

The TreeID™ ensures that every party who touches the tree – from the arborist, to the sawmill, to the woodworker – has been certified by Treecycle America. It means that the lumber was responsibly harvested and processed by people who believe in urban forestry. A TreeID™ means that that the wood product was created by certified, skilled craftsmen.

Products with a TreeID™ give buyers peace of mind that they were created responsibly, by a network of organizations that have all met Treecycle America's strict certification process.

And it means you'll share in the history of the tree.

It takes a dedicated network of complementary businesses to bring it all together.
Treecycle America touches on so many aspects of the environment, the economy, and society. It won't happen overnight, but we are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We've been busy building our network of Certified tree services, architects, and mills, working with Charlotte and Mecklenburg county officials, and generating a buzz in the community.

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