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When a Tree Service or Arborist becomes a Treecycle America Certified Member, they are making a statement that they care what happens to trees after they have to come down. After all, it’s the Tree Services that care for living trees, plant new trees, and generally work to ensure safety for everyone who lives and works around trees.

In addition to doing the right thing, a Tree Service can see significant business benefits.

Transportation Cost Savings
The Treecycle America network of wood processors includes several local saw mills around the region who can accept documented logs. The Treecycle America Directory of Certified Mills will help you find the closest location that can accept the type of logs that need disposal.

Disposal Cost Savings
Municipal and Private landfills have to charge fees to receive, manage, and dispose of logs. Cut that cost off your bottom line by dropping documented logs at a Treecycle America Certified Mill - no charge.

Positive Marketing
The Treecycle America brand has become a symbol of environmental responsibility in the business community as well as with the public. As a Certified Vendor, you can proudly display your commitment with stickers on your trucks, shirts for your team, and professionally designed advertising materials. A Tree Service is the first step in the TreeID chain of custody and with that responsibility comes the added benefit of winning bids simply because you are part of a network of businesses that embraces the common goal of using trees to their fullest potential. Homeowners care what happens to their trees and want a Tree Service that cares as well. You will receive a customized listing on the Treecycle America website as well as support from our marketing team to help your business stand out from the competition.

Treecycle America Online Marketplace (Coming Soon!) is the home of the first ever multi-vendor marketplace on the internet that only sells Treecycle America Certified wood products. As a Certified Tree Service, you are given a customized, mobile-friendly TreeID Intake Form to make it super-simple to do your part as the first, crucial step of the TreeID chain of custody system. Just take a few pictures, select the species, enter the location, and reason for removal. The trees you deliver to a Certified Mill are used to their greatest potential and added to the Treecycle America Market where customers can find everything from whole logs to lumber to furniture to hand-crafted artisan products and everything in between.

Certification Guidelines

Tree Service companies and their employees have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to protecting our Urban tree canopy by following a few simple guidelines of Treecycle America Certification:

  1. Maintain proper business standards including liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and any other applicable financial guarantees. This ensures protection to the company, as well as the homeowner or business owner they work for.

  2. Actively participate in the Treecycle America TreeID program. For a Tree Service, this includes:

    • Identifying the species of the tree

    • Documenting the reason that the tree has to be removed

    • Taking a photo of the tree before it gets cut down (This and any additional photos will be added to the history of that particular tree which is recorded in a database of all trees in the Treecycle America Certified TreeID System)

    • Cutting trees in a way to maximize the most useful parts

    • Delivering the logs to a Treecycle America Certified Mill