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Only Treecycle America uses the TreeID™ system of documentation. It's a small series of numbers with huge significance, and when you see the Treecycle America TreeID™ on a wood product, it means you'll share in the story and history of that tree.

When a TreeID™ is assigned, it begins a chain of documentation that includes photos, and essential information like the species, location and reason for removal.

The TreeID™ ensures that every party who touches the tree – from the arborist, to the sawmill, to the woodworker – has been certified by Treecycle America. It means that the lumber was responsibly harvested and processed by people who believe in urban forestry.


Products with a TreeID™ give buyers peace of mind that they were created responsibly, by a network of organizations that have all met Treecycle America's strict certification process.

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Tree Address: 2115 Selwyn Ave
Removal Date: 12/10/2014
Species: White Oak
Reason for Removal: unhealthy root and base
Tree Service: Schnieder Tree Care


This tree provided four (4) 9-foot logs that were between 40-70" in diameter.

The wood generated from this tree has been used in several projects in Charlotte.