Imagine a future where our urban tree canopies are thoughtfully planted and the economic value of the timber after the tree dies is just as important as the many benefits it gives the community while living.

Native tree species are grown among the existing tree canopy so that they quickly adapt and benefit the local ecosystem in addition to providing beauty, shade, clean air, and erosion control.

When trees eventually succumb to disease, extreme weather, or development, the lumber can be harvested and used for high quality wood products.

This is Urban Forestry.

Instead of being hauled away to a landfill, a giant white oak tree will live on as cabinets, flooring, or furniture.

A grove of yellow pine trees, cleared to build a new school, will be used to build picnic tables for the next generation of students.


Where there was once a wasteful tax burden, there will be a rich resource that benefits the local economy, its citizens, and the world

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